The new home office: Before

So, it has begun. I am underway with my new home office. It is a huge project, but it is going to be well worth it. Basically, I am starting from scratch to create an amazing multipurpose room that radiates creativity. I want to be able to design at my computer, paint, draw, sew, read, study, do crafts, and dream up great ideas, all in that one room.

I’ve been gathering ideas for organization and layout for awhile now and I am excited to be moving forward!

Here is my progress thus far:
I have decided what furniture stays and what goes, and have moved most everything out that does not belong. There is a pile and box of papers, books, etc. that husband needs to go through, and a heavy dresser he’s going to help me jettison, but that is it.

We’ve decided that the old desk must go (taps please). It has lived a long life. Seen many computers (PC, dual screen, macbook, and iMac). Witnessed many fun designs. But alas, there is irreparable wear on the poor thing, and (cough) it looks way ugly. SO! We have picked out a pretty white desk, (No, no pictures, not until the reveal!) which my brother-in-law has confirmed will look awesome with my computer. Yay!

I’ve moved the remaining pieces around and created a floor plan. I know what will go where. We’ve purchased a small sewing table which I plan to use for drawing as well. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get my art supplies out from their various dungeons and put them in pretty organized containers where I can easily access them.

I am also selling my old sewing machine. Let me know if you want it. It was great but I really need a new one with all the fun capabilities. Not yet decided which I’ll get—I have a few THOUSAND reviews to read first, but if you would like to give me a recommendation I thank you, please drop me a line.

The next step will be:
Deciding on and purchasing my organizers, baskets, and other furnishings. Including a rug. I need a rug. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by beige (our carpet color). I would of course prefer to redo our entire house with a nice wood floor and then add a rug BUT for the time being this will work just fine. It will give the room a pop of color and bring the center of attention to that area, which is what I need right now.

I also desperately need to decide on a color scheme. I am going to go colorful on this one, since my little guy will be in there with me so much. And also because I feel like having a bright happy room to create in. I think it will be marvelous.

The goal is to have it finished mid December. I originally wanted it sooner but I’ve decided a little leeway is good so that I can make use of the holiday sales (yay, please don’t trample me!) Anyway, wish me luck, this is going to be amazing.



My old cube


Have you ever noticed how sad a cubical can be? Ok I’m being nice, I should say “how sad most are”. It is really unfortunate! Considering that we spend around 1700 hours a year working, a large chunk of our lives are spent in our working environment (Check out this pie chart of the average American’s time). Ugh. That is quite a BIT of hours spent at your desk.

So many office environments are cubicles. Unless you have your own office, work from home, or have some other heaven-sent arrangement, you’re it. The lucky cube owner. But before you despair, there actually may be some fantastic remedies to the gray walls and mundane view. Read on.

The first trick to changing up that workspace is lighting. Ok hold on, we have to do this. You have to watch the movie, “Joe versus the Volcano”. Here is a clip of it (watch at least until 2:40. I recommend watching the whole movie if you can though, including the opening credits, especially if you’ve never seen it before.)

Hopefully no one has an environment this bad, but the reason I wanted you to watch it is obvious. As you can see, his environment is dim, with the dreaded fluorescent lights of doom. The lamp he pulls out is pretty symbolic. More on this movie later (I might do a whole post about it! I love that movie) but for now, it should be noted that lighting is very important.

When I had my last cube, I was given the opportunity a few months in to change location. There was a vacancy by the window. Now, honestly, who doesn’t love windows? One might even argue that they make a cube not a cube. Fantastic. I took the new desk even though I had to go through the hassle of hauling over all my stuff. Good move.

If you can add lighting to your cube, go for it! Otherwise lets move on to trick #2: color. My old cube was a pretty drab color. I mean, that is pretty standard right? But it also sucks the life out of you. So, if your facility manager allows, add some color! For mine, I put up a large map of the world. It fit perfectly, and I could easily move it since I used pushpins to hang it. It changed the entire feel of my space big time. I highly recommend even just this one step.

Trick #3, our last one, is personalized details. Most offices at least allow you to have photos on your desk. Choose pictures that make you smile. They don’t have to be the standard “family portraits” either, you can do snapshots from your vacation or anything that brings out a cherished memory. Other details include: artwork that you’ve designed, a clock, calendar, posters, plants, and books.

There’s MUCH more I can share about this so keep a lookout for future posts. But for now think about tricks 1,2, and 3 and try implementing them in your workspace if you haven’t already. It will make a big difference, I promise!

The new blog

Hi friends, I am sure you noticed that I have a new blog! I’ve decided to change things up a bit, and so am re-purposing my old articles and starting afresh. Please let me know if you need or miss any of the old information, we can definitely chat about it.

On to the new blog! I have always been interested in the link between environment and your state of mind. There’s a quote that says, “The state of your bed is the state of your head.” (Karen Miller, modern Zen priest) I think that goes for your work environment as well. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed at the office with papers piling up on all sides, you know what I’m talking about. This blog will focus on ways to make the designer’s habitat a bit more heavenly and inspirational, opening the the door to your creativity while letting in a breath of fresh air.

Sound good? Awesome. Full speed ahead!